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At, our goal is to be transparent about our privacy policy as possible. The information mentioned below will describe what information we collect, how it is used, and when it is shared. We want the users to make smart decisions about how to use – so please read the Privacy Policy carefully. Your use of and/or registration with will constitute your agreement to our policy. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth below, in addition to the terms and conditions found in our User Agreement, please do not use our services.

Brief Summary

TaylorSwiftIsMean.comis an open platform that allows users to share and discuss information, to educate as well as to inform, to “live” and to learn, to entertain as well as to be entertained. In order for us to provide the best user experience possible, we must collect certain information in order to make our services work. In order for you to have an account with us, we must collect some information about you. Our privacy practices allows your participation with us to remain as anonymous as you choose. We do not sell or profit from the information you share with us.

We take great strides in keeping the website working as intended. This means that we will use your information, when necessary, to stop activities that violate the user agreement. We may also share your information when we are legally required to do. If you believe that there is anything we can do better, do not hesitate to send us an email at

Collected Information

Registration Information

When you create an account with us, you are initially required to provide a username and an email address, a randomly generated password will be given to you. You can optionally provide other information such as your first/last name, a customized password, and other personal information. The information you provide to us will be logged, and retain indefinitely. We may also retain the IP address from which your account was first created.

Posts, Comments and Other Site Activities

Any post, comments or activity you make on are to be public, even if the post, comment or activity is saved as draft, private, or password protected. By submitting content to you intend to share any and all of your content with a public audience. Deleting the post or other content submitted to does not guarantee its deletion from our servers and database. stores the IP address associated with specific posts, comments and messages.

Log Data

Certain information are collected when you visit, such as what type of software you used to access the site (browser, operating system), the address of the external or internal page that referred you, demographics, behavior, and your IP address.

For registered users, we save certain information about your posts, comments, messages and other activities.

Intend Use or Discloser of Collected Information

Your information is used internally and only when necessary to provide our services. We will use the information collected to improve our services and to provide the best possible online experience we possibly can. Certain information is needed to prevent abuse, inappropriate content, and other activities that breach the Terms of Use.

For registered users, we store your information and submitted content so that you can access your content at your leisure. Storing your information makes it possible for people to reply to your posts and/or comments and for you to do the same.

Anonymous, aggregated information that cannot be linked back to an individual user may be made available to third parties.

For personal data, we will only share your personal data with your consent, and after letting you know what information will be shared and with whom, unless it is otherwise permitted in this policy. Advertisers may target their ads to the topic of a given post, but we do not sell or otherwise give access to any information collected about our users to any third party.

When required by law

If we believe, after due consideration, that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, or valid legal process, we may disclose or preserve for future disclosure, your information. If we must release your information, we will do our best to provide you with a notice in advance via email unless we are prohibited by court order from doing so.

When required by

Your information may be disclosed by us in an emergency or to keep our services running. Under other extraordinary circumstances we may disclose your information if we believe it is necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm to a person, to address fraud, spam or security; or to protect our rights or property.


Cookies are designed to be a mechanism for websites to remember the state of the website or activity the user had taken in the past. Cookies do so by storing small data files on your computer from the websites you visit with the purpose of helping the website remember certain information about you., may set cookies for tracking users preferences, authentication, and collecting anonymous analytical data. Our advertising partners may also set cookies. More detail below:

Preference Cookies will place a cookie to remember certain customizations you have on the site so that your settings are saved when you log out and become available or active when you log back in.

Authentication Cookies

When you log into your account, will place a cookie for the sole purpose of creating the session. It contains your user id and hashed authentication information.

Analytics Cookies

We use a tool called Google Analytics to help us understand how users interact with our website. The application tells us aggregate usage and traffic information, such as how the site was accessed, what posts were viewed, for how long, and the number of first-time visitors to TaylorSwiftIsMean.comg, in addition to other similarly related information.

Having statistical data helps us to improve the site by focusing our efforts into areas that are the most popular and have the highest demands.

Advertising Cookies

We are partnered with Google Ads to show our users third party ads.

Some cookies may be placed in accordance with Google Ads.

Disabling Cookies

Most browsers such as, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari include an option to clear existing cookies and/or reject new ones. You may opt to have your cookies cleared or disabled for but some portions of the site may not function as intended. It is recommended that you leave your cookies on.

Deleting User Account

There is currently no option for the user to delete his or her account. You may instead clear all existing data and contact information on your account. Having an unused account or a clear account will ensure that your username(s) remain unavailable for others to use.

Data Security

It is the sole responsibility of the user to protect his or her private information. We will make every effort to secure any private information submitted to us by our users. However, we will not and cannot guarantee absolute security of any data transmitted through the internet, as it is impossible to do so. You use our services at your own risk, and are responsible for taking reasonable measures to secure your account (such as maintaining the secrecy of your password and email address).

International Visitors is a company based in Davis, California with servers that are housed in the United States. All personal information we collect from our international users is transferred to the United States and processed according to US law.

Children Under 13

Although we welcome users from all walks of life, our site is not for meant children (those under the age of 13). Individuals under the age of 13 may not create and account with us. If you have reasons to believe someone is 12 years of age or younger is using our site without parental consent, please contact us at

This Policy Is Subject to Change, Updates and/or Revisions

We reserve the right to change this policy to reflect the most current goals of, or for any other reason. Where the changes substantially changes your rights as a user, we will notify you promptly through our site or via email. Minor changes may only be highlighted by the privacy policy link under the “About” tab.

Contact Us

We will listen. You are more than welcome to send us your thoughts, comments or suggestions to help us become a better site. You may email us at